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Smoked Chorizo and Spicy Sausage Queso

This recipe is for a Smoked Queso with Chorizo and Spicy Sausage. This perfect blend of spicy and creamy will bring any party to life.



Food Prep

Cut up your Velveeta and Smoked Gouda into small (inch or half inch) cubes so that it melts easier and more evenly.

Fully cook your Hot Breakfast Sausage and Chorizo. Once fully cooked, drain out all of the grease.

Add all of your ingredients to the foil pan and give it a light mix.

Smoker Prep

Get your smoker to 350/400 degrees with your smoking wood of choice. This is an indirect cook so ensure your heat deflectors are in.

Smoke Your Queso

Put your Queso tray on the top grates of your Smoker. Since all of your ingredients are cooked, the purpose of this process it to melt the cheese and add smoke flavor.

Smoke the Queso for an hour or until fully melted and mixed.

If you want to add more smoke flavor, leave it on longer and stir it often. If the Queso is too thick for your liking, add milk.

This is very easy and straightforward, biggest thing to look out for is your grill getting too hot because you don't want to burn the cheese.

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