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Smoked Over the Top Queso | Drop Queso

This recipe is for an amazing Smoked Over the top Queso, aka Drop Queso, aka Upside Down Queso. Essentially we smoked ground beef over our queso and mixed them together for a creamy delight. This is an Amazing Party Dip or Super Bowl Snack



Food Prep

Cut up your Velveeta block into smaller cubes so they can melt easily.

Then add your cut Velveeta, 1 Cup of Sour Cream and all the juice but only half the tomatoes of the Rotel into the foil pan and give it a good mix.

Smoker Prep

Get your grill up to 350 degrees with the smoking wood of your choice. Be sure to also add in your X Accessory Rack.

Cooking Prep

First thing we need to do is season our ground beef. I used Meat Church Holy Cow.

Once you've seasoned your ground beef, form it into a large, somewhat flat, oval. You do not want to form a big ball because that will take too long to cook.

Smoke Your Queso

Put the foi pan with the Velveeta on your X Accessory Rack. Then add your grates above and place your ground beef patty on the cooking grates above the Dutch Oven and use your Meater Probe to notify you when it his an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Once our meat hits an internal temperature of 165 degrees, remove it from the grill, break it up into small pieces and add it into the Dutch Oven.

Close the grill lid and let everything cook together for another 30 minutes or until desired consistency. If the queso is too thick, add some milk or heavy cream.

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