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The Perfect Prime Rib

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

This recipe is for the perfect Prime Rib, aka Rib Roast, aka Standing Rib Roast, aka Ribeye Roast. Follow this recipe for a tender and juicy cut of meat with an incredible crunchy crust that is full of flavor.



Food Prep

This is a very large and thick cut of meat so we will be dry brining it. Dry brining is a great way to drive flavor into the center of large cuts of meat. It also tenderizes the meat and gets the outside nice and dry (which is key to a beautiful crust later)

To Dry Brine our Rib Roast, you need to cover all sides with Smoked Salt or a Coarse Kosher Salt. Once your Roast is covered, place it on top of a cooling rack and put it into your refrigerator uncovered for 24-48 hours.

Smoker Prep

After your Roast has finished dry brining, get your smoker to 450 degrees for searing. If you have 2 smokers, get one to 450 for searing and one to 300 for the smoking portion. If you only have one, you need to bank the coals and only put one heat deflector in so you have a proper indirect and direct cooking side.

Cooking Prep

First thing we need to do is season our Roast. I use Worchestire Sauce as a binder and season very heavily with Meat Church Holy Cow.

Once you've seasoned your Roast you need to prepare your compound butter. Mix your crushed garlic, thyme, rosemary and oregano into softened butter until evenly mixed.

Smoke Your Rib Roast

First step is to sear all sides of your Roast to lock in juices.

Once seared, you need to move the Roast to your indirect cooking station and cover it entirely with the compound butter.

Once covered, insert your Meater Probe and set it for your desired internal temperature. Then close your lid and wait for the Probe to tell you it is time to remove the meat. If you do not have a Meater Probe, be sure to remove your Roast 5-10 degrees before your desired internal temperature to account for residual cooking.

After you remove the roast from the grill, tent it in foil and let it rest for 20 minutes.

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