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Welcome to our shop! This is a curated list of our Favorite Tools, Must Have Accessories and Helpful Gadgets. We use everything on this list and stand by our suggestions.

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Our Favorite BBQ Tools


Meater Probe

The best wireless meat probe on the market. Great app features and no wires to slow you down.

High Heat Gloves.webp

High Heat Gloves

High Heat gloves are a must. These are great because they don't absorb liquid.

Instant Read.jpg

Instant Read

The Javelin Pro Duo is the best instant read I have ever used. Very accurate and durable.

Pizza Night!

Pizza Screen.jpg

Pizza Screen

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, will make your pizza cook easier than a Pizza Screen.

Pizza Peel.jpg

Pizza Peel

Thin metal Pizza Peels are the best way to scrape. ahot pizza off the stone or screen.

Pizza Stone.jpg

Pizza Stone

This pizza stone is a great bang for the buck. It's large, thick and comes with a scraper. 

Rotisserie Essentials



The Joetisserie is the single greatest attachment for Kamado!


Skyflame Basket

The Napoleon is the OG basket, but its also never in stock. This Skyflame is an awesome substitute

Kick Ash Divider.jpg

Basket Divider

The Kick Ash Basket Divider allows you to easily bank coals for those long rotisserie cooks.

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